Zen-Tec Hybrid Iron and Sulphur Removal Media

Zen-Tec Hybrid is used for removing iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese from water supplies. It is a media that utilizes oxidation reduction reaction and filtration process similar to manganese greensand but at a higher level of performance.

Zen-Tec Hybrid is oxidized by atmospheric air, chlorine, peroxide or ozone as all oxidants are compatible with Zen-Tec Hybrid media. Zen-Tec Hybrid is fused manganese on high purity silica base in an extremely unique format for enhanced performance and maximized capacity.

Zen-Tec Hybrid filtration media out performs greensand plus, birm and many other media’s due to the purity of its particles, superior oxidation/filtration capacity and durability.

Zen-Tec is a standard stock media:

PH Range
6.8 to 9.0
Service Flow Rate
2-12 GPM/ft2
50 Percent
Bed Depth
24 Inches
Backwash Rate
6.5 GPM cu/ft
Iron Removal
10 PPM
Hydrogen Sulfide
10 PPM

Zen-Tec has double the removal capacity of any other iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese filtration media.