Water Softeners and Engineering Data Sheet

EWSF Series Commercial Water Written Specifications

The system shall be designed to operate under pressure from 30 psig (minimum) to 100 psig (maximum).

Mineral Tank
There shall be one(1), two(2), Three(3) only _____” diameter x _____”high fiberglass mineral tank(s). Brine Tank There shall be one(1), two(2), Three(3) only _____” diameter x _____”high polyethylene combination salt storage/brine tank(s) complete with salt support plate, brine well and commercial air check valve. The brine tank shall be equipped with a safety float.

Control System
The motor-driven Model __________ ________”(NPT) brass body control valve will perform the functions of backwash, brine draw, slow rinse, rapid rinse, brine tank refill and return to service automatically. The electronic control is programmed to regenerate the unit at pre-determined gallonage. The electronic control provides a NEMA enclosure, digital display with user panel layout utilizing LED status/programming indicators. Volume displays are in gallons or liters.

Collection & Distribution
A PVC hub and lateral system shall be utilized to evenly collect and distribute the flow of water over the entire bed.

Ion-Exchange Resin
The unit shall be supplied with _______cubic feet of high capacity polystyrene ion-exchange resin on a graded quartz gravel support bed.

The unit shall provide ____________ (__________) grains capacity based on a regeneration at 15 (10) pound salt level per cubic foot of resin. This setting will use approximately _________ (______________) pounds of salt per regeneration.

Flow Rate
Fully softened water may be drawn continuously at flow rates of up to ___________ USGPM, peak flow rates up to _________ USGPM @ 25psi pressure drop.

Equipment and/or parts shall be covered by manufacturer’s replacement warranty as follows:

  • Fiberglass Mineral Tanks - SEVEN(7) YEARS
  • Brine Tanks - FIVE(5) YEARS
  • Control Valve & Electronics - TWO(2) YEARS 
  • Brine Tank Air Check Valve - TWO(2) YEARS
  • All Other Components - TWO(2) YEARS

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