Twistloc Fittings and Valves

Twistloc® fittings and valves Cataloque

Twistloc® fittings and valves offer unparalleled speed and convenience for the plumber/ installer.
Available in a wide range of sizes (units compatible with outside diamters of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" 7/8" and 1 1/8" are all available), they require nothing more than a clean right angle cut across the (clean and undamaged) pipe/tubing to be used, insertion, and slightly more than hand tightening (no pipe wrenches required !).  TwistLoc® is compatible with copper, PEX, and CPVC piping.
Each unit is colour coded by size, ensuring both easy selection from stock and indication when the fitting is properly installed (see illustration below).  Furthermore, fittings can be completely disassembled and re-used, making them ideal for temporary or semi-permanent applications.
Exploded view of twistloc coupling illustrating colour codes
Fittings are made from polysulfone polymer, and the mechanical assembly process ensures no need for (and no risk from) flame from a blowtorch to heat components at the time of installation.  Furthermore, plumbing flexibility reduces the risk of bursting under freezing temperatures.
Excalibur Water Systems is the Canadian distributor for Twistloc® fittings and valves. Twistloc® provides a perfect connection every time.
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