Water problems?? Excalibur Water solves them!

Scale on fixtures, kettles and pipes ?
Unpleasant odours and flavours in drinking water ?
Stains on sinks, toilets and tubs ?

Depend on Excalibur for water treatment solutions:

- Water softeners remove the minerals that cause scale deposits on your fixtures, water heaters and pipes.
- Iron filters eliminate fixture staining and the rotten egg smell that results from too much iron in your water.
- Other filters reduce odours, improve flavour, remove particles, and eliminate bacteria and viruses from your water supply.

Our Canadian made products provide solutions for any water problems that you have. Excalibur makes units for softening and filtering your water supply, eliminating pathogens, unwanted odours and flavours from your drinking water, and treating your water supply to remove offensive and unhealthy chemicals. Excalibur Water Systems offers the best warranties in the water treatment equipment industry from 7 to 20 years against defects & workmanship

When tap water with high mineral content (hard water) evaporates, it leaves those minerals behind as a grey-white scale. Scale builds up on fixtures and causes premature failure of household appliances like kettles, humidifiers, dishwashers and hot water tanks. Treating your tap water with a water softener prevents scale buildup by removing the minerals that cause it.
Stains on your fixtures are most commonly caused from a high level of iron compounds in your tap water.  Excalibur Water Systems' iron filters eliminate iron-caused stains by removing iron compounds from your water supply.   The rotten egg smell from household water is often caused by excessive sulphur or sulphur compounds in the water supply.
From our whole house premium water filters to point-of-use filters for drinking water, Excalibur provides you with a wide range of choices to eliminate unwanted odours and/or flavours from your tap water.
Make your water healthy!

Reduce unwanted chemicals and hard water in your home

Nothing is more important than having healthy water in your home.

Your tap water may be hazardous to your health !

Aside from cosmetic issues like hardness, stains, odours and cloudiness, all of which can be addressed with Excalibur's line of water treatment products,  chemicals and contaminants in the water from your tap can pose a long-term risk to your health and that of your family members.

Tap water is never pure - for urban dwellers, it always has chlorine or some equivalent bacteria-killing chemical added, as well as whatever else was in the water when drawn from the source.  Achieving total purity is possible with both distillation and Reverse Osmosis, but these solutions are not cost-effective for whole house water treatment, although Excalibur offers small

Implementing new technologies for better water solutions

Excalibur's team is constantly working on innovative new products designed to improve the quality of your water - from combining iron filtering functions with water softening in the Chlor-a-Soft product line to improved computer-controlled control units that regenerate only when necessary, we are constantly improving our products so your water is clear, palatable, and as safe as it can be.

Excalibur Water Systems is also proud Canadian manufacturer of commercial/industrial water treatment systems such as:

  • Commercial/Industrial Water Softeners with fully automatic electronic designs or Scale removal systems.
  • Commercial/Industrial  Water Filtration Systems with fully automatic electronic designs utilizing standardized engineered designs, CAD drawing available for installation & startup.
  • Flow rates up to 2,000 gpm, with simplex, duplex, triplex, & quadplex designs.
  • Commercial/Industrial Desalination & Reverse Osmosis computerized systems with flow rates up to 1500 gpm in a single or double pass design with  free standing frames.
  • Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration Systems that filters down to 5 micron, 1 micron  (.3 NTU) with flow rates up to 1200 gpm in various designs.