Nothing is more important than having healthy water in your home.

Your tap water may be hazardous to your health !

Aside from cosmetic issues like hardness, stains, odours and cloudiness, all of which can be addressed with Excalibur's line of water treatment products,  chemicals and contaminants in the water from your tap can pose a long-term risk to your health and that of your family members.

Tap water is never pure - for urban dwellers, it always has chlorine or some equivalent bacteria-killing chemical added, as well as whatever else was in the water when drawn from the source.  Achieving total purity is possible with both distillation and Reverse Osmosis, but these solutions are not cost-effective for whole house water treatment, although Excalibur offers small volume Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water supplies.

Materials associated with health risks that come in your water supply fall broadly into two categories - heavy metals and volatile organics.  Excalibur builds whole house water filtration systems to deal with both of these types of health hazards.  Download more information on our whole house filtration systems here.