Having Soft Water Is Affordable

With the Fall months well underway, it's a great time to get your water tested for hardness levels. Hard water is tough on clothes, skin and dishes. Perhaps water treatment has been on your mind for a while but you either weren't sure what unit to get or maybe you weren't sure how much this would all cost.

Excalibur Water Systems has a wide range of products that are right for every household, no matter how small or large the consumption of water is in your home, the experts in water purification and water treatment can help you.

Just one of the many great products offered by Excalibur Water is the Soft-Tec Value Unit. 

Some of the features of this unit include:

  • No Salt Water Softener
  • No scale buildup on fixtures and appliances
  • Scale Prevention
  • Clothes are softer and brighter
  • Less soap and spotting on your dishes
  • Your heavy-use appliances will last longer and run much more efficiently
  • This unit comes with a 5 Year Warranty


You can trust Excalibur Water Systems for all your water treatment requirements.

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