Cooling Towers

cooling tower
Excalibur Water systems provides clean filtered water to improve efficiencies and lifespan for various cooling tower applications.
Water Softening Benefits:
  • Soft water eliminates mineral scale deposits for heat transfer surfaces.
  • Soft water makeup reduces fresh water withdrawals resulting in a significant savings in water and wastewater.
  • Operating the tower on soft water helps control the growth of pathogenic organisms by maintaining pH
  • The purchase, storage, handling and feeding of chemical scale inhibitors and/or mineral acid is eliminated since soft water is non-scaling.
Water Softener Sizing Calculator
Determine the appropriate water softener for your standard commercial project.
Sidestream Filter Benefits:
  • Reduced energy consumption via clean heat exchange surfaces
  • Reduced treatment chemical costs and enhanced performance
  • Enhanced biological growth control reducing the risk of health-related problems
  • Increased cooling tower life expectancy from continuous cleaning technology
Cooling Tower Filtration Sizing Calculator
Determine the appropriate cooling tower filtration system for your commercial project.
Reverse Osmosis Benefits:
  • Significant reduction in cooling tower water treatment chemicals needed
  • Improves alkalinity
  • Provides high purity water to the tower reducing the need to clean the cooling tower
Reverse Osmosis System Sizing Calculator
Determine the appropriate reverse osmosis system for your commercial project.