Commercial Water Treatment Products

Excalibur's commercial water treatment products extends from standard applications like boiler protection (water softeners, water conditioning and reverse osmosis equipment) through high-volume Reverse Osmosis systems for use in commercial car and truck washes.  Through investing in standard engineering, we offer user-friendly advanced electronic high-efficiency designs with high flow rates, enhanced system reliability and channeling avoidance by combining up to six vessels with a smart valve controller so no custom design or engineering is required.

We build single-vessel (Simplex) systems for applications that do not require high flow rates,  24/7 operation or resilience in case of a vessel failure.  In addition to the maximum flow rate the system can provide, buyers also have to take care to avoid channelling (systems, especially water softeners not operating properly when water flow rates are very low), which can cause untreated water to pass through the system.  

To handle larger requirements, we build Duplex (two vessels in parallel - additional capacity with (if system sizing isn't correct) no ability to run 24/7 or additional resilience to failure.  Correctly provisioned Duplex Alternating systems provide the same maximum capacity as a Simplex system, with 24/7 operation and some resilience to failure.  Duplex systems can also be provisioned with smart control valves to operate as progressive flow units, where the control valve turns the second unit on only when required to achive user-specified flow rates.

Beyond two-vessel systems, Excalibur builds triplex (3), quadplex (4), fiveplex (5) and sixplex (6) progressive flow systems to handle high flow rates, 24/7 operation, and high resilience to failure.

We use high-quality Canadian resins from Aldex and Excalibur programmable valves to build reliable, resilient, high-capacity systems with very high flow capacity (up to 2000 gpm), suppied off the shelf - no design engineering required.


Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners prevent scale buildup in boilers, but also are useful for cooling tower filters, food preparation, and food processing.

Excalibur's Commercial Water Softeners  are available in a wide range of flow rates. Please click on the appropriate link below to view more information on our Commercial Water Softeners in an appropriate range for your application:
1.0" (to 162 gpm)
1.25" (to 206 gpm)
1.5" (to 420 gpm)
2.0" H (to 500 gpm)
2.0" QC (to 750 gpm)
3.0" (to 1000 gpm)

Commercial Chemical Removal Filters

Excalibur's Commercial Activated Carbon Chemical Filters are available in a wide range of flow rates. Please click on the appropriate link below to view more information on our Commercial Activated Carbon Chemical Filters in an appropriate range for your application:
1.0" (up to 144 gpm)
1.5" (up to 288 gpm)
2.0" H (up to 288 gpm)
2.0" QC (up to 432 gpm)
3.0" (up to  384 gpm)

Commercial Iron/ Sulphur/ Manganese Filters

Although they are most often used to filter the iron content from water, Excalibur's units operate in such a way as to reduce the concentration of both Manganese and Sulphur in treated water.

Commercial Iron Filters are most often used as part of a treatment system for commercial applilcations. Iron is present in some proportion in most groundwater sources, and prevents other treatment components (Excalibur's Soft-Tec® Water Conditioners, for example) from operating properly. A common application for iron filters is in preparing water for commercial boilers, where feedwater iron content should be less than 20ppb. At higher concentrations, iron can quickly falls out of solution and stick to surfaces causing scaling and fouling. It can also plug filters and plumbing and foul RO membranes. When in contact with boiler tubes, it causes fouling that inhibits heat transfer and boiler efficiency. These systems also remove hydrogen sulphide, which has an objectionable odor and is highly corrosive and other metals that can compromise plumbing and RO membranes.

Cooling Towers and postprocess remediation systems are also sensitive to high levels of iron; Excalibur's iron filters reduce iron concentration to appropriate levels.

Excalibur's Iron/ Sulphur/ Manganese Filters are available in a wide range of flow rates. Please click on the appropriate link below to view more information on our Iron/ Sulphur/ Manganese Filters in an appropriate range for your application:
1.0" (up to 159 gpm)
1.5" (up to 170 gpm)
2.0" H (up to 424 gpm)
2.0" QC (up to 432 gpm)
3.0" (up to 754 gpm)

Commercial Turbidity Filters

The cause of water turbidity (cloudy, hazy water) is tiny particles of water suspended in a colloidal solution. These particles may be undissolved inorganics (ash, for example), or organic material entering the water from the surface, and not breaking down completely. These particles are not necessarily the same size - while some larger particles will settle to the bottom if the water is undisturbed, smaller ones may settle very slowly or not at all. Instead they are suspended and scattered throughout the water absorbing light rays which is what gives the water a cloudy appearance.

Excalibur Water Turbidity Filters remove all particulate matter from the water, down to particles 5 microns in diameter.

Excalibur's Turbidity Filters are available in a wide range of flow rates. Please click on the appropriate link below to view more information on our Turbidity Filters in an appropriate range for your application:
1.0" (up to 133 gpm)
1.5" (up to 236 gpm)
2.0" H (up to 353.5 gpm)
2.0" QC (up to 368 gpm)
3.0" (up to 315.3 gpm)

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Excalibur's Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems remove both dissolved inorganics and particulate matter (if present).

When pure water is needed, Excalibur Reverse Osmosis systems remove salts, chemicals and organics from the water supply. In cases where the water supplied contains excessive levels of impurities, additional water treatment will increase the lifetime and/ or reduce the maintenance required on the reverse osmosis system in place.


Excalibur builds four classes of Reverse Osmosis Systems:
SFLC - SureFlow Lite Reverse Osmosis Systems (up to 3.3 gpm)
SFC - SureFlow Reverse Osmosis Systems (up to 18 gpm)
SFIN - SureFlow Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems (up to 430 gpm)
CIP - Excalibur Water Systems RO Clean-In-Place System

Commercial Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters

Cooling towers are excellent air scrubbers. High volumes of air pass through the tower subjecting components to airborne contaminants. Concentrated make up water can also contribute to build up of contaminants on the cooling tower distribution and fill areas which eventually flake off and become suspended in the recirculating water. Even a marginal improvement in the efficiency of evaporative cooling equipment, heat exchangers and chillers can offer owners significant savings over the lifespan of the cooling systems. Improving the water quality in the cooling loop is a simple, cost effective method of realizing efficiency gains.

Many contaminants cannot be seen by the visable eye. Collectively they can lead to system inefficiencies, increased micro biological growth and excessive corrosion. Suspended solids result in water with high turbidity which can foul heat exchange surfaces. These silt like contaminants also end up in low flow areas such as the cooling tower basin. This provides a place for bacteria to attach and multiply which results in high potential for under deposit corrosion and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC). Under high flow conditions the suspended solids can also be abrasive and cause excessive wear of pump seals and valves and erosion of pipes.

Excalibur's Cooling Tower Filters are set up to filter objects larger than either 1 micron or 5 microns in diameter. For more information on either type, please click a link below:
1 Micron Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters (up to 117.6 gpm)
5 Micron Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters (up to 294.6 gpm)

Commercial Soft-Tec® Water Conditioners

The Soft-Tec® scale control system’s reliability transforms the positively charged calcium ions into calcium crystals. These calcium crystals are stable and cannot attach to any surfaces and hardware as the calcium crystals are rinsed away by the water flow. The calcium crystals are so small that they can only be seen with a microscope; therefore the water behaves as if it were completely free of calcium. Tests lasting several years prove that these calcium crystals do not attach to any kind of surface and the result was 100% scale control and prevention. Other ions can no longer attach to surfaces because of the structure of the surface created by the Soft-Tec® hardness stabilizer.

The corrosion prevention works by adding a 30-micron protective layer to the surface of existing pipes and hardware. The Soft-Tec® specifications are calculated based on 75 grains per gallon or less. The Soft-Tec® hardness stabilizer has a warranty of 5 years on all components and the complete system from defective components and workmanship. The maximum level of chlorine in your potable water supply must not exceed 3.0 ppm. All iron, hydrogen sulfide, and tannins must be removed prior to water flowing through Soft-Tec® scale control water conditioner.

Soft-Tec® Water Conditioners keep scale in industrial process equipment under control. They are available in simplex (1 vessel), duplex (2 vessel), triplex (3 vessel) and quadplex units:

Simplex Water Conditioners (up to 98 gpm)
Duplex Parallel Water Conditioners (up to 196 gpm)
Triplex Progressive Water Conditioners (up to 294 gpm)
Quadplex Progressive Water Conditioners (up to 392 gpm)