Whole Home Iron & Sulphur Ozone Enhanced Brochure

What is Ozone? Ozone (O³) is Mother Nature’s perfect purifier. The word “ozone” is derived from the Greek word for “smell”. Ozone is formed naturally and found within the stratospheric layer of our atmosphere. You probably know it as the “Ozone Layer”. It exists when oxygen (O²) is exposed to ultraviolet light, or exposed to high voltages of lightning. That fresh, clean smell that we notice after a rain storm is ozone. As the oxygen molecules (O²) are exposed to these energy fields, they dissociate and split, forming atoms (O¹). These wandering oxygen atoms then recombine with other (O²) molecules in the air stream, forming ozone (O³). Ozone is nothing more than another molecular form of oxygen. Because ozone is highly reactive, it readily oxidizes (breaks down) organic matter. When ozone encounters another compound, one oxygen atom will break away, attach itself to the compound and oxidize (clean or purify) it. What are the benefits of using Ozone? Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant commercially available that can be safely used in water treatment. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. Due to the instability of the ozone molecule, it is generated at the point of use and is easily converted back to oxygen. Ozone can literally oxidize material in water 3,200 times faster than chlorine and 5,600 times faster than bromine.