Excalibur Chemical Removal Filters

Superior Chemical Removal Filter Sediment filtration Removes chemicals Your water may look clear, but all municipal water contains highly toxic chemicals that can pose a danger to your health. The Superior Chemical Removal Filter removes chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines, THM's, and volatile industrial chemicals from your municipal water supply. This filter also removes any dirt or debris from your water, providing safe, clean water for you and your family. *municipal water supplies only Chemicals & Sediment 40-110 40-110 www.excaliburwater.com Part # Filtration Removal Temperature (°F) L x W x H (in) Pressure (psi) No cost to operate Filtered water to every tap Improves indoor air quality Chemicals & Sediment Chemicals & Sediment 40-110 40-110 40-110 40-110 5 YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY Flow through distributor EWS POUBCS1 EWS POUBCS1.5 EWS POUBCS2 10" x 14" x 54" 11" x 16" x 60" 13" x 18" x 58"