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Mexican restaurants required to use water filters

Anyone who's visited Mexico, and other countries where water quality can be an issue, will have heard of Montezuma's Revenge. In an attempt to change the reputation of the safety of Mexican tap water,  65,000 restaurants in Mexico City (but none of the street-food stalls) will be required to install water filters within six months of when the bill is officially signed later this month; health inspectors will impose fines to those not in compliance.

Why water is so important

In a recent article on Yahoo/Shine, the top five reasons — beyond water being the basis of life — according to Yahoo Shine:

Ground Water Contamination

In Texas it was reported that recent tests showed that Alamo Heights' groundwater tested positive for E. coli. No matter where you live, whether its your own well or city water it's not always a given that the water coming out of your tap is clean and safe.

Methane in Drinking Water

A US government study has found high methane Llevels in New York water. The study states that "Results of sampling indicate that occurrence of methane in groundwater in the region is common (greater than or equal to 0.1 mg/L in 35 percent of samples) but is associated with specific hydrogeologic settings. Wells completed in bedrock within valleys and with confined groundwater conditions were most closely associated with methane occurrence," .

Nova Scotia bans importation of fracking water

Fracking, or fracturing, is a process used in mining to help extract minerals and gas or oil from the ground. Water under high pressure is used, as the term implies, to fracture the earth containing the valuable deposits. Scientist belive that in the process of fracking large amounts of contaniminated water are returned to the water table to eventiually find its way into neighbouring wells and drinking water soiurces.

New Water Resevoir for Estevan

Do you live in the Estevan Saskatchewan? In a recent press release it was announced MP Ed Komarnicki, Estevan MLA Doreen Eagles, and Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig had come together to officially open Estevan, Saskatchewan’s new resevoir.

With the increasing demands on local city infrastructures city planners strive to stay ahead of residential and commercial water delivery and water treatment requirments.

Large Traces of Prescription Drugs in Drinking Water

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water?

We all assume that city drinking water is safe as delivered right out of the tap, the reality may be somewhat different. A recent study in the US released by the EPA suggests that they have found at least 25 different drugs in supplies from wastewater treatment plants.

Meet the Sociology of Water

Sociology of Water follows water availability and access all over the world and aggregates news articles, quotes and blog posts about water on its Twitter feed.

New Study Shows High Salinity Levels in Groundwater

Excalibur Water Systems believes in sharing relevant information for the Water Purification and Water Treatment industries. This blog focusses on a recent study that has found an increased threat of high salinity, particularly so in Texas groundwater. Below is the article as it was published back in November from Water Tech Online.