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Community in New Brunswick Recently Finishes Wastewater System Upgrades

Allardville Service District in New Brunswick, recenlty completed more than $3.3 million in upgrades. This project was funded by the Federal government and supported through the efforts of community volunteers.

CBC Uncovers Raw Sewage Discharge Near Calgary

Redwood Meadows, Alberta - near Calgary - was the focus of an investigation by the CBC after the discovery of a raw sewage discharge. The City of Calgary draws some of its drinking from the Elbow River, aabout 500 meters from the discharge.

The CBC a private firm to collect and test samples of the discharged water. The determined that the discharge consistent with raw, untreated sewage and went on to say that it exceeds the Alberta Water Recreational Use Guidelines.

The City of Kingston Receives Recognition for Innovative Water Conservation

Kingston Ontario has been honoured by The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (GLSCI). Because of its utility management model and commercial and multi-residential incentives, Kingston was awarded the Most Innovative Conservation Method.

The GSLCI meets for thier Annual General Meeting. This group collaborates with governments to improve restoration and protection measures on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. There where three other communities were also recognized.

Push for Elimination of Algae on Pickering-Ajax Waterfront

The citizens of Pickering and Ajax are increasing their efforts to have the Province of Ontario and the Regions of Durham and York move to eliminate Duffin Creek sewage treatment plant algae-inducing output.

Phosphorous contained in treated sewage is creating anenvironment condusivive for the growth of Cladophora algae on the Ajax waterfront. Residents point out that the foul odour from algae makes the waterfront practically unusable. It has also clogged cooling water intakes at the Pickering nuclear plant.

UV solutions ease groundwater health concerns

Private well owners need to test their water regularly for bacteria as well as other contaminants.

If and when contaminants are found, UV disinfection systems should always be considered as an option for groundwater pathogen removal. These cost-effective systems operate without introducing chemicals or byproducts into the water supply, yet remove cysts, bacteria and viruses.

Water disinfection in emergencies

In North America, we normally don't think twice about drinking the water coming out of our household faucets.  However, when there's a natural disaster (a flood, for example), that tap water may either be contaminated, or not flow at all.  If you don't have sufficient pure water on hand, you'll have to determine how to obtain clean drinking water.  When a widespread power failure combines with the natural disaster, domestic UV and

Water disinfection

Although boiling is a sure-fire way to remove pathogens (bacteria, microorganisms and the like) from your water, it changes the flavour of your water and uses a tremendous amount of energy. Alternatives include UV lights, chemical additiives like chlorine (unscented bleach) distillation, ozonation and reverse osmosis systems. UV systems are both effective and easy to use, and can be partnered with water filters which improve the quality of water by removing undesired chemicals.

First Energy Sued By Pennsylvania, West Virginia Landowners

Yet another case of big corporations contanimanting ground water. According to a press release, residents In Pennsylvania and West Virginia succesfully sued First Energy for " groundwater pollution, soggy yards and foundation damage they blame on a leaking coal ash impoundment and the 7-mile waste pipeline that feeds it".

In most cases the event that leads to a successful mitigation of water contanimation happens long before it's discovered. In the interim unsuspecting residents are exposed to the hazards of ingesting harmful contaminents.

Lead contamination in drinking water

It comes as no surprise that lead in drinking water can have harmful, long-term affects on one's overall health. Lead is a highly toxic substance that can produce a wide range of adverse health effects. Both adults and children can suffer from the effects of lead poisoning, but childhood lead poisoning is more prevalent. The Excalibur Water Systems Lead Removal System can take out lead content from your water supply providing safe water.