ABA2000PB – For Lead Removal from Water

Our patented media, ABA2000PB, is a proprietary, high purity crystal alumina adsorbent with a unique molecular structure that results in a very high adsorption capacity for heavy metal ions, especially dissolved lead. Due to the product’s selectivity and affinity to lead and other heavy metals, the performance of ABA 2000PB will not be affected in the presence of chlorine, chloramine, calcium, magnesium, sodium, TDS and nitrate in water. ABA2000PB will not shrink, swell or disintegrate in the presence of aqueous or organic solvents.

ABA2000PB has been proved to be extremely efficient in the range of pH 6.0 – 10 and temperature 38-120*F for lead removal and heavy metal ions. The removal mechanism is attributed into the physical and chemical interactions between the contaminants and the medium. Testing performance shows that ABA2000PB can reduce lead from 150-200 PPB to less than 1 PPB after running 2000 gallons of the challenge water at 1GPM. Tests with waste water indicate that 1 cubic foot of the medium can reduce lead from 2.5 PPM to less than 50 PPB at 1GPM.

Product Applications

Because heavy metals exist in drinking water as cations, ABA2000PB is the ideal and most economical adsorbent for removing these contaminants. This product is currently being utilized in various filtration products. Due to its extremely high adsorption capacity, ABA2000PB can also be packed in the large columns for large scale applications, such as municipal water treatment plans, waste treatment plants as a polishing filter as well as a variety of other applications where the removal of lead and heavy metals are needed.

Typical Physical Properties
Surface Area (m2/g)
Total Pore Volume (cm3/g)
Granular size (mesh)
Bulk Density(lbs/ft.3)
Bulk Density(kb/m3)

Product Performance
13 in/3
0.04 ft/3
0.7 ft/3
1.6 ft/3
* Based upon the influent lead level of 200-250 in the pH range of 6.0-9.5