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Water Softener, Water Filter and Water Treatment for Residential and Commercial Use

Excalibur Water Systems is a Canadian manufacturer of water treatment equipment and systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Excalibur manufactures water softeners, iron filters, dealkalizers, specialty filters, side stream filters, reverse osmosis systems and ultraviolet sterilizers.

Excalibur Water Systems offers standard engineered designs providing comprehensive and economical solutions for water problems around the world. There is no water problem that Excalibur Water Systems can’t solve!

Water Treatment Winterize InstructionsDuring the winter months, its important to remember that as water freezes, your water treatment control valves and internal components can suffer damage if not maintained properly. Let us provide you with useful instructions to help you winterize your water softener or iron/sulphur filter. By doing so, they can last through out a harsh, cold climate. Its best to be safe than sorry. Just click on the link to the right for easy-to-follow instructions. Should you require further guidance, please do not hesitate to call Excalibur Water Systems at 705.733.8900 or 1.877.733.8999.

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